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Fabric Inspection & Defect Analysis System (FIDAS)


FIDAS is computer assisted fabric inspection system. Where all types defects manually punched by Fabric Checker. FIDAS is designed for Fabric inspectors who has no computer knowledge. Using FIDAS, Fabric can be inspected & graded as per ASTM standards may it be PPHSYD (Point Per 100 Square Yard), PPHSQM (Points Per 100 Square Meters), PPHLM (Points Per 100 Linear Meters), or combination thereof according to your LOT or BATCH or SORT based on your customer specifications or internal standards.


FIDAS shall abolish the manual paper work and obtain the information online. Defects are punched directly on touch screen where are defects are visible on the main screen which is easy to operate and increases flagging efficiency of fabric checkers/ inspectors.


Multiple versions of FIDAS available suit requirements of various types of fabric manufacturing organizations such as

Denim Fabric Manufacturers

 Home Textiles / Grey Fabric Manufacturers

 Yarn Dyed Fabric Manufacturers

 Worsted Fabric Manufacturers

 Piece Dyed Fabric Manufacturers

 Process Houses

 Knitted Fabrics

 Technical Fabrics

 Garmenting Units

 Buying Houses

 Silk Fabrics

 Linen Fabric Manufacturers

We ensure that FIDAS can be configured to meet unique business requirements, may it be related to Fabric Inspection, delivery scheduling or customer wise quality assurance . Our consultative approach shall resolve your every day teething issues and provide systematic solutions.

FIDAS Inspection Module is designed to integrate with any weighing scale which captures weight on real-time basis and compares the weight with calculated weight.  At the end of each roll/batch multiple types of barcode slips can be generated based on your customer requirements.

Multiple Machine fixing options are available to suit any fabric inspection machine. Our Electronic length measurement counters equipped with top industrial electronic components which guarantee proper functioning over a period of many years. We provide options to customers buy our Touch PC or  to choose their Touch PCs according to their brand preference.

FIDAS can be used as standalone module or Integrated module along with any ERP packages like SAP, DataTex, Microsoft Dynamics or In-house ERP.