Ventura Automation Services Inc      

FIDAS Advantage


FIDAS application is conceptualized and designed to provide multiple benefits to the fabric manufacturing organizations that are mentioned below.


 Product pricing based on past realization performance

 Pre-Calculate price based on quality specification

 Order based profitability report based on past performance

 Gain orders at any quality norms specified by customer

 Realize extra % of fabric in regular as well as optimization based inspection

 Deliver products on time & every time

 FIDAS helps to improve overall quality of fabrics if reports are analyzed and corrective actions are taken.

 Implement continuous quality improvement program

 Impose responsibilities on production teams

 Redirect valuable resources more efficiently and strategically.

 Get production reports through E-Mail & SMS

 Seamless Integration with ERP helps to reduce manual errors and saves labour

 Minimize fabric returns and post sale quality issues and related travel & time saved

 Minimize Second Grade fabric Sales

 Pin-Point areas of trouble within organization

 Implement Industry Best Practices

 Visible Return on Investment is not more than 6 months

 Invisible gains are many more

 Company’s Quality Image

 Better value for product

 Repetitive order

 Fight for increased market share

 Focus on profitability

 Deliver quality goods as efficiently as possible