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FIDAS Benefits


Fabric delivered to customer is final image of your organization and can create unprecedented levels of new business value and significantly elevate customer experience by ensuring right & quality product delivered on time & every time.

With above said objectives FIDAS can also increase your profits at every stage of inspection.

FIDAS will provide you lifetime profitability through inspection by Optimizing each & every meter of fabric inspected may it be roll to roll or roll to bale or jumbo batch to small rolls.

Continuous instructions and alerts are provided to fabric inspectors for better realization. All they need to do it log the defects and follow instructions given by FIDAS…… rest FIDAS will take care!!

FIDAS - Benefits

FIDAS Direct Benefits


 Automatic fabric gradation avoid manual errors

 Downgraded fabric delivery restricted

 Customer specified width Vs Actual Width Verification

 Calculated Vs Actual Weight of Fabric – Check Point

 Wrong deliveries averted

 Minimal Length delivery Avoided

 Maximum length delivery Avoided

 Short width delivery avoidance

 Max Cut pieces in a roll in accordance to internal grading

 Avoid Joining two pieces of fabric different sorts in a roll

 Joining multiple pieces of same sort but different set code

 Maximizes fabric rolls’ selling price

 Reduces the quantity of seconds and thirds

 Consistent fulfilment of customer demands

 Reduces labour costs

 Automatic and fast process

FIDAS is an internal improvement tool


FIDAS is designed in such a way that complete inspection processes are strictly followed at all stages prior & post inspection.

FIDAS – Inspection Department Perspective

 Implements SOP in Fabric Inspection Department

 Monitor Individual Inspector Performance

 Monitor Department Efficiency

 Remove Throughput Bottlenecks & Increase Efficiency

 Grade Fabric in accordance to your customer specification

 Grade fabric according to Sort type

 Deliver cut lengths as customer specification

 Deliver Merged Roll as per customer requirements

 Select and delivery appropriate rolls to meet customer demands

 Reconcile receipts Vs Inspection on daily/Weekly/Monthly basis

 Alert production departments on real-time basis in case of continuous faults as damage control activity

 Prioritize customer deliveries

 Easily Back-Track on customer complaints

 Managers & Supervisors time is not wasted in preparing reports

 Increases managers presence on the field rather preparing documents

 Debit production departments based on wastage

 Set quality target and monitor achievements on monthly/quarterly and yearly basis

 Set Quality Target for Individual Fabric Checker

 Defect Wise Department Wise Quality Analysis

 Provide information on Rogue looms to weaving department

 Avoid Wrong Shipments