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FIDAS Features


General Features


FIDAS consist for Three Major Components such as Electronic Length Measurement Counter which communicates real-time linear length of fabric to Touch Screen PC that has Fabric Inspection Software Modules installed on it.

Electronic Length Measurement counter & Touch PC  would be fixed on each Inspection Machine and connected with each other utilizing communication cables. Electronic Length Measurement counter has in-built relay to stop machine on reaching required meters.

FIDAS is designed for Fabric Inspectors who does not possess computer knowledge and doesn’t warrant computer literate fabric checkers. Training of Fabric Checkers to work on FIDAS application is an easy task as it contains their daily routine activities only.


Inspection Features

All the software modules are developed to strictly follow ASTM 4 Point System standards and software is designed in such a way that it doesn’t allow any deviation in standards.

Defects are displayed in main screen in different colours according based on defect department so that defects type can be identified based on color. Example Blue for Yarn/Spinning,  Red for weaving and Top 10 occurring defects on the top panel.

Fabrics are graded under multiple criteria simultaneously such as


 Point per 100 Linear Meters

 Point per 100 Linear Yards

 Point per 100 Square Meters

 Point per 100 Square Yards

It may require to grade fabrics based on following parameters


 Internal Standard Quality Norms

 Based on Sort/construction of Fabric

 Based on Type of fabric (Denim/Yarn Dyed/Piece Dyed)

 Based on Production Type (Made to Order/Stocking)

 Based on Customer specifications

All you require to do is fix the gradation type while entering Goods Receipt Note before inspection production approval

By using FIDAS application you Prioritize deliveries by selecting Critical/High/Normal before approving for inspection production and also communicate specific orders to the Fabric Inspectors such as “Use Chalks” “Stick Defect Label” “Tie Red Tag” etc.

At times multiple types of barcodes need to be generated according to customer needs and if configured on the administration module different types of barcodes can be printed according specification.