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When you invest time and money in a software solution, it’s important to choose a provider with a solid, long-standing reputation. Ventura Automation Services  has been in business since 2005,so rest assured that our team of professionals will be available to you, providing on-going support, and fabric inspection consultation services, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

FIDAS Software Comprises of Administration Module & Machine Module to cater all requirements of HOD & Fabric Inspection  team. We also provide you the software source code & training  for Reports, Integration, Barcode, Auto-Email & ERP integration.

The complete system consists of 4 highly developed and coordinated main components that together deliver a truly automated solution to maximise yield and profit for all textile producers.

The benefits of the system, when used in the manner described in the 4 component process below, generally provide a return on investment of between 3 and 9 months irrespective of what fabric you manufacture.

FIDAS Software
FIDAS Admin Module

Administration Module:


This module is designed for HOD or Inspection supervisor of Inspection department, where Authority  & responsibility is fixed on them. They can monitor inspection process on real-time basis through on-line inspection monitoring screen, alter/correct information, approve for despatch. Admin module comprises of four major portions such as Master  Data, Transaction Forms, Setting & Reports.

Master Data: Employees, Shift Timings, Inspection Machines, Sort Information, Defect Codes etc..


Transaction Forms: GRN Entry, Post Production Approvals, Despatch & ERP uploads


Settings: Quality Settings, Point/100 Sq. Mtr/yard/linear Mtr, Width /GLM/GSM Allowances etc..


Inspection Setting: Defect Codes, Defect Weightag  &  Remark Settings 


Reports: Sort/Batch wise Realization, Inspection Production, Weaver, Loom, Defect Analysis etc..

FIDAS Masters
Fabric Inspection System-Inspection Module

Inspection Module:


This module is designed for fabric checkers to log defect/demerit points through touch screen PC. Value from Length measurement counters would be displayed here along with all regular defect of fabric.


Defects are shown in different colours as per respective departments such as yarn/spinning, sizing, weaving, weaver, processing & finishing defects.


Other imperatives such as continuous/running defects, cuttable defects, red tag, white tag mendable defects, mending time, between doff time & allowance are available on screen. Multiple options are provided to inspectors  to localize language (Hindi) for better understand of communication.


   Various inspection options such as top 10 defects, real-time fabric grade, continuous defects, pause doff, cut & create new roll, attach rolls and end doff buttons are available. On ending doff barcode sticker would be generated. Real-time weighing option also available


Optimization & Cut Plan Creation


Opti-FIDAS is very powerful software package developed using “Adaptive Algorithm” to optimize big rolls into smaller “FRESH GRADE” pieces.


 If inspection & cutting are done in two step process, software is designed to calculate optimal cut location to attain maximum “FRESH GRADE” realization.


FIDAS measured results in customers’ plants have shown an improvement on 1st quality products from 69 to 75 in one instance and from 95.8 to 96.5 in another, comparing the output of skilled operators’ inspection on the same lots.

 Software takes into consideration of your requirements such as min/max piece length,

Majors allowed point100/sq. mtrs/yards etc… and creates cut proposal for maximum yield. At the end of completion of each batch three types of reports such as Mapping & Cutplan Report, Forward counting Defect Report & Reverse counting defect report would be generated.

* Increases your company profits by at-least 2-3%

Fabric Optimization
FIDAS Opticut

CutPlan Execution Module


Once Fabric is inspected through Optimization module, Optimization data would be available in this module where the inspection machines would be controlled by the software to stop the machine at cutting location.


 Different types of instruction would be given to cutting inspector to cut the fabric.


For Example…

1) Keep the roll aside for partition 2) Cut at 120 Meters 3) Load Piece No 3 On Inspection Machine  4) Join with Piece no 


Cutting inspector need to follow these instructions given by system. Barcode would be generated automatically after considering the weight factor allowance.



We provide standard Reports along with the package such as Roll Wise Defect Report,  Daily Production Report, Defect Analysis Report, Fabric Reconciliation Report, Weight Memo Report, Fabric Realization Report & Roll Pending For Inspection.

Since we provide the source code & training on source code to your IT Team members, future report requirements can be catered internally instead of depending on us.

FIDAS Reports

Barcode Generation


Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error. The occurrence of errors for manually entered data is significantly higher than that of barcodes. A barcode scan is fast and reliable, and takes infinitely less time than entering data by hand. Using a barcode system reduces employee training time.


Avoid Wrong Shipments such as

 Sending Wrong Sort

 Wrong quality parameters

 Incorrect weight

 Sending Excess length


Auto Email


FIDAS is designed to generate email automatically every day morning to key members in the organization with data pertaining to previous day performance. You can choose the time where it need to be generated. Contents in the automatic mail can be configured according to your management requirements as we provide source code for this software to your IT Team.

FIDAS Automail
FIDAS Software Benefits

Software Benefits


We Assure You Maximum fabric realization at every stage of Inspection !!

Inspection & Roll/Bale Creation Module   and Optimization & CutPlan Creation Module

FIDAS is just not a inspection software tool but it contains multiple internal calculations to obtain maximum fresh fabric at each roll/bale.

Fabric Inspection & Roll Creation Module assures maximum realization or at-least wastage avoidance under three headings using optimization within roll/bale.


Suggestion Model

 Alert Model

 Insert Partition Model

Suggestion Model

While fabric is inspected if there are multiple defects at early stage of roll say 45 meters and defects gradually reduced later, still the fabric in B Grade (Non-Fresh) while cutting the roll, System create a CutPlan automatically as suggest the user to cut fabric at early stage by maximising fresh roll length.

Alert Model

Initial run of the fabric is defect free and later on defects increases gradually by which the fabric turns to B grade FIDAS shall alert the user by generating  pop-up  “B Grade Alert in particular meter of fabric “. The pop-up will remain of the main screen till it turns fresh.  Inspector can choose to cut the fabric and make the roll fresh by cutting the fabric at suggested location.

Insert Partition Model

A fabric that is graded as B in Suggestion Model which is lesser than or equal to deliverable length but not short length which was kept aside can be made fresh in this insert partition model. Assume present B grade fabric has 4 major defects within 45 meters. New roll which has a cuttable defect at 70th meter (which lesser than deliverable length) but has 1 major. System provide real-time alert to the fabric checker that one partition can be joined with 70 meters. This means 45 meters of wastage is averted.